Sunday, January 19, 2014

We have had a wonderful, busy Sabbath day. This morning at the Augusta ward we met two new families, one of them is investigating the church; the second just moved into the ward. We welcome them and hope they learn to love us here in Augusta. Half way through Sunday School, a counselor in the Bishopric asked us to take one of the Sisters in the ward home. She is an elderly lady and been under the weather lately. Fortunately she was able to direct us to her home. It is the funniest thing, the street she lives off of, begins at a gas station driveway! We've seen some funny things around here, but that takes the cake.

We had a great turnout of AIT students at our Branch meetings today. We also have had show up several men who are in different schools. We hope to get out and meet these fine young men. After church we had a little wedding reception for Brother Priddy and former Sister Shelton, now Sister Priddy; she is not a member yet, we are hoping she will eventually desire baptism. She is really happy with us and we all love her very much.

We had a nice visit with the Johnson family this evening, we studied the principle of the fast. Afterwards, we came home, had dinner, and then Elder Gowans began building the schedule for next week. We will have a good bunch of folks to visit this coming week. In the middle of it all he received a phone call from Sister Arnett asking for a blessing. He called Brother Marzolf, since he lives right down the road from her; he agreed to accompany him to her house and together they gave her a nice blessing.

We also coordinated apartment checks for the coming week. We will be checking all the missionaries apartments for cleanliness during the week.

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