Friday, January 17, 2014

This morning, we attended our Zone Training Meeting, with all the missionaries from the entire zone. Currently we only have two sisters serving in the zone and they happen to serve here in the Augusta ward, Sisters Wood and Price. We are sure that with the next transfers, with 11 new sisters coming, we will get a couple more. It was a good meeting; we had to leave a little early to pick up a young lady up on post and take her to the Richmond county court house so she could marry a young man, a former member of our branch who came back from his duty station to marry her. They fell in love during their course together in AIT. Although he was ahead of her, they met and eventually decided they wanted to marry. So here we have another first in our little branch. A baby blessing and now and wedding.

Last night, Elder Gowans, drove out to the airport to pickup Brother Priddy; when asked where he was going to stay he answered that he hadn't made any arrangements. So we drove up to post and fortunately there was a room available in the on-post hotel. Elder Gowans left him there and drove home; it was nearly 1 am by the time he got to bed. The following morning, Brother Priddy took care of himself and found his way downtown where he bought his bride-to-be a bouquet of flowers; after picking up Raquel and taking her to the court house, we met up with Brother Priddy. We were not able to witness the wedding, performed by president Estep since Elder Gowans had an appointment with the dermatologist. They did get the knot tied, so hopefully they will live happly everafter. They should be in church with us on Sunday.

Elder Gowans visited the dermatologist and had a small sist removed on the back of his neck. He also had some precancerous cells on his ear and face froze, ouch! He should be in good shape for another year.

This evening in Institute class, we studied "Law", its purpose, nature, source and so forth. We studied the topic in conjunction with sections 131 and 132. We had a wonderful, sweet spirit there along with a good group of soldiers.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Priddy

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