Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This post is for Tuesday 15 January:
Tuesday afternoon, we had the opportunity to visit 4 households. We started off with the Janssen  family. We visited with Stephanie for 10 or 15 minutes and gave her an invitation to our missionary social on Saturday evening. We had a nice visit with her, she seems to be doing real well. Next we dropped by the Sanders. Sister Sanders and her husband are struggling with several issues at this time; we told her that we would set a date to come by and visit next week. KC will deploy again this spring for another 3 or 4 months. From there, we dropped in on the Despain family. They were both home, so we had a nice visit with them for a few minutes. They have both struggled too. We love all these families and pray that the Lord's Spirit will be with them. Last of all we dropped in Sister Hand, she is not a member, but was due with a baby two days ago. The baby is testing their patience. We will go by again next week and see how she is going; hopefully the baby will have arrived by then.

During the evening, Elder Gowans attended the Branch Presidency meeting. We had a good discussion about our AIT students, their needs and desires. We left with the hope that we can continue to help them all grow and progress while they are here at Fort Gordon.

Afterwards, we went up to visit the Dransfield family; as we walked in the door we could tell that something was amiss; come to find out, that earlier in the day, while Sister Dransfield was in the shower, someone forcibly broke into their little home and burglarized it. Thankfully, they didn't come after her while in the shower. She was visibly shaken up and while there her husband and I gave her a blessing. We left promising that all would be well with them and their home.

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