Friday, January 24, 2014

This morning, we arose and left early so that we could inspect a few of our missionary's apartments. We first drove out to Grovetown and from there to Harlem and finally finishing up with Thomson. Thomson is about a 30 minute drive for us. We decided while there to visit two historical sites. Both sites have to do with Thomas E. Watson a former candidate for President and Vice President of the United States and former US Senator of the Populist Party. We visited three of his homes; his birth place home was moved to his Hickory Hill property some time ago. Here are some photos of the place:
His home when born

This was his home in 1881 to 1890

 After selling the above property, Mr. Watson moved here to Hickory Hill. It is a beautiful home. 

 The entry way

 Beautiful handcrafted flooring

 The room through the arch was at one time an aviary. 
 When sinks were first placed in doors with running water, the faucets were right down on the sink top used simply to fill the basin. Then the user would wash up as he had done when he only had a bowl and a jug of water. It wasn't until much later when someone had the idea to wash under the running water. 

From Hickory Hill, we went back to Harlem to visit the Laurel and Hardy museum. Here are a few of the paintings, sketches, toys and other fun things that were produced from this wonderful comedy team. 

From there we went to see a man's own personal car museum; the incredible thing is all the cars were made by him and nearly every detail on the car is made from wood. He is a true genius.

 Outside the car museum. 

 Remember, everything is made of wood.

 Even the hubcap

 Even the engine!

 Even the tires

 This is a radiator, yes, all made from wood! Can you believe the detail and accuracy? 
 His daughter's dollhouse. All hand crafted, can't really see the details here. 

This evening, we had another great institute lesson covering the first 24 verses of section 132. We continued our discussion on law and the conditions of the law that must be obeyed if we desire our exaltation! We have had a very enjoyable day.

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