Thursday, January 30, 2014

This morning, we had a nice visit with Adam; we missed him last week as he was on a little vacation. We love you Adam!

We were able to attend the graduation of Brother Kiriyama who was here attending the Basic Officer Leadership Course. He was a nice young man and will miss seeing him at church; he had decided to attend the Augusta ward rather than the Branch; so we only saw him periodically. We wish him the best.
Brother Kiriyama

This afternoon, we were all set to go to the graduation of several of our AIT students. The graduation was to be held yesterday afternoon, but with the snow and ice they postponed it until today; then suddenly we get a text saying it was cancelled and all the students were being released to head to their next assignment. So we missed getting photos of several of our students.

This evening, we attended the baptism of an 8 year old boy. Gavin Campell. We have developed a wonderful friendship with the Campbell family and were happy to be able to attend his baptism. Many other friends and family were there.

 The Dixon Family
 John Estep
 The boys serving donuts after the baptism; the little boy, second from the left, by the boy with the hat is Gavin Campbell who was baptized. His mother has her back to the photo.
Some of the crowd waiting for their donut or rootbeer. 

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